Why your Tooth Fillings Fall Out? Let us know it here

If you have tooth decay or a cavity, your dentist would recommend you to get a dental filling. Apart from tooth decay, there are some other reasons also for getting a filling, which includes cracked or broken teeth and teeth worn from unusual use like nail-biting, bruxism and using teeth for opening certain things.

Though filling is a common dental procedure and is quite useful in preventing further tooth decay, yet they do not last long. Even permanent and best fillings do not stay in place for whole life and may become loose, develop cracks or may fall out because our teeth undergo a lot of pressure while chewing the food.

Let us have a look at some more reasons responsible for falling out of tooth fillings:

  • Chewing too hard may cause the large fillings to crack or sometimes may lead to breaking of the tooth
  • Fillings of certain materials fall out faster than others as they are not strong enough to restore full strength of the tooth and cannot withstand the forces acting upon them
  • Contamination of the cavity with the saliva when the filling is being placed as it interferes with the bonding of the filling material.
  • Cracks may develop in the filling if it sticks out from the tooth surface or if most of the pressure from biting and chewing is taken by filling
  • Clenching or grinding can also cause your teeth or fillings to develop cracks or fall out
  • Lastly, saliva and debris may seep down between the tooth and the filling leading to the coming off the filling

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